Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Crunch

I've decided that due to The Crunch, and exchange rates and other factors, that I can't make it over to DC in January. Which sucks.

But on the upside I scored a free trip up to Byron in January instead.

Life lesson learnt today: Recession = free hippy holidays.

Punk Monk Propaganda is taking off too- crazy US distribution deals, an awesome new partnership with the very funky Scream Kings, a radio show, and a galaxy of really exciting projects for the new year. I'm so much more comfortable when I have all of these moving and shifting horizons, they make it easier to live in the future.

Matt Ravier blogged a really great interview with Vic recently that explains everything we've been up to and where we're heading. It's a long read but a good read.

Dermot and I are screening the emergency film that we had to write yesterday morning in the cab and shoot five minutes after writing when the brothel fell through AGAIN. I'm still really passionate about our original 1 minute silent sex film idea and hopefully we can use the idea in the coming months. Pending a few compression hiccups it should be screening at the sold-out Young People F**king tomorrow night with other kino 1MSSFs. Our film is called Afterglow.
Here are some screencaps of the film. The actress is Donna Hogan.

Monday, November 24, 2008

this is my favourite song of all time. i only just discovered this vers today.

Friday, November 21, 2008

wildhearts and onions

two things i discovered tonight:

-I am more than a little bit in love with the wildhearts. They played at my work tonight and I was all starry-eyed, especially to "beautiful thing, you". Apparently they trashed kerrang's office one time in the 90's. Only about 200 people turned up tonight though- how do folks not know of this band? I thought they were the kind of half-remembered buried thing that funkyindietypes got off on. I've got this sneaking suspicion that indie is a high school clique rather than a scene anymore.

-If you try to eat your cold half-kebab hours after you put it down in front of the computer, all you taste is onions.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


i find metal music one part relaxing, two parts fascinating, one part beautiful and three parts owch.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

recession = poledancers

According to this:

I imagine they'll be spilling out onto the streets of London soon. Twirling backwards from traffic lights. Trapezing from street lamps. Get ye to London, financial lost puppies. There's gonna be a few openings in the sex industry.

Friday, November 14, 2008

i look like astroboy

reactions to the new haircut, which was kind of a happy result of a language gap between me and the cutter:

"Did they install rocket boosters in your feets as well??"
"You'll always be beautiful to me..."
"But you like it, right?"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

International Space Travel and Katie's First Hooker Pad

katiedyd: i'm going to an inauguration party on January 20th, i've decided.
internet: so? once again, you've proven yourself utterly unremarkable.
katiedyd: i'm going to one in DC! with sophie, who i haven't seen since London two years ago!
internet: i can be in DC whenever i want. i am all places, always.
katiedyd: fuck you, internet.
internet: omnipresent network-state trumps psychotic bouts of schizophrenic internal dialogue, always.

In another episode of "You're not quite as grown up as you think you are, KT" (that's the last time I'll refer to myself in the third this post, promise), I went to my first brothel this morning. I was location scouting for one of our one minute silent sex films that we're throwing together as part of the Possible Worlds Canadian Film Festival here in Sydney. If all goes well, then our films will screen before the screening of Young People Fucking. Anyway, this place was the location to end all locations. Pink walls, leopard skin carpet, faux-luxx rooms with showers and porn screens, the lot. It is seedy, loveless sex on a pancake. One of my mates is one of the girls there at the moment and she showed me around. That was an intense emotional experience in itself. I love that girl, and not just because she's a location goldmine this week. I was really touched that she'd reveal that part of her world to me. So hopefully everything goes well and we can get it into post in time for the deadline next week.

I love experiences that change the way you look at the most ordinary day-to-day happenings. My friend said that before anyone considers going into the profession, she says to them "Look around a train carriage. If you can't get past the fact that you're implying consent with all of them, then this isn't the job for you." I will never, ever look at a trainful of men the same way again. Or a shop-rack full of shoes after seeing the collection of platforms that this place had.