Thursday, February 19, 2009


those little rotating vimeo geetar picks are hypnotising, no?

after the summer

Things have been percolating softly all through the blistering heat of January and the disappointing rain of February. The very-nearly band found a drummer, there were sweet summer romances popping up like mushrooms, and punk monk continued to coalesce under the warehouse swelter.

We made this in the rain on Valentine's Day:

You Are Not Bleeding from punk monk propaganda on Vimeo.

It showed at Kino #23, alongside another punk monk film, Fakir Love, which Victoria filmed in the Knitting Factory in New York and did mostly on her lonesome (sound extra editing credits go rightly to Andy, a new punk). I love this little film. World Zombie Day documentaries with flying suspension dwarves get me every single time.

Fakir Love from punk monk propaganda on Vimeo.