Wednesday, October 22, 2008

nessie huntin' eve

I realised today that not having a couple of quick-witted workmates around at the podjob has dulled my senses. I used to have to work to get the first call in. Now I'm just spinning around on my own, with a few satellite funny folk, without anyone to force my moves earlier and earlier. I think this has made me lazy.

I've been working my mothertrucking fanny hide off trying to get everything done around the podjob lately. But as of this arvo, I have one entire blissful week off. And it doesn't eaven eat into my annual leave. Which means I've somehow worked an entire week that didn't exist between May and now. I disgust myself sometimes.

So me and the flatties and their lovers and a few others off to Lake Conjola to go catch Nessie, like this guy did:

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