Tuesday, June 30, 2009

little girl's games

I've been playing the addictively haunting game The Path a bit lately. I love it in all its lolita emo babygothness and I want to plug myself into the scariest part of our upstairs hallway, turn all the lights off and let the wolf get me again and again. But I'm a busy girl this week with kino kabaret shoots to organise and red rattler installations to create so at this stage I've been playing it on trains with Ax instead.

I didn't pay for this game- it was a sneaky present from the girl coz she can be gorgeous like that- but for once, I would have gone out of my way to pay for
The Path. I haven't ever been driven to spend my coin on games- I imagine this is mostly because when we were kids, my brother would bring them home while I was off in my room with my head buried in a book, so having new games loungeroom-delivered meant I never thought to buy them. And honestly, I didn't really miss the playstation, the gameboy or the xbox when I left home. It scares me how much I've been missing out on by not paying attention to this kind of storytelling.

moral of this fairytale: gaming is a lot more fun when you don't have to fight your obsessive gamer-genius little brother for the controller.

Being (over?) familiar with indie filmmakers and musicians and those who voraciously consume their creative spawn, this new little obsession has sparked my interest in our geeky cousins, the indie gamers. I was poking around on the Path's creators Tale of Tales' website, and was not entirely unsurprised to see that their next project Fatale is inspired by Oscar Wilde's
Salome. As soon as you start toying with a notion, suddenly you'll see it everywhere. We're currently in pre-production for a Salome project shooting in spring.

Lucien Lévy Dhurmer's vision of “Salomé”, as featured on Tale of Tales. This painting nails what I love about Salome stories- the consuming eroticism of the young girl who is more in love with victory than any man.

Just one last bit of image stealing before I run off to Kabaret tonight- this is the sisters of The Path reimagined by the talented Sarah Lomba as bears. Cutesplosion much? (via Game Set Watch)

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ms_monk said...

that IS a very nice image of salome kissing john the baptist.