Friday, August 22, 2008

colin the dead girl-whale

I've only got 10 minutes or so; I'm on my break from the bar and have to be back amonsgt "hardcore" lovin' bogans in ten minutes, so my confusion will have to be brief.

Colin- Sydney- WTF??

Have you all gone mental?? It's a WHALE. Its mother left it to die. The other whales could hear the baby crying and decided to leave it be. That is nature.

I get that we shouldn't be intentionally horrible to animals. Those koala leg-hackers in Queensland should be locked up. But I just can't see the sense in girls rushing red-eyed out of office buildings around the city hiccupping about a whale that they'd never even seen. It's not your pet, lady. Man up.

I heard this arvo that someone was actually planning on erecting a MEMORIAL STATUE of the creature.

And my choice line of the coverage tonight?

"If Steve Irwin was here, he'd be ashamed."

Speaking of dead pets, Lara's work fish died today. I can understand the sadness there. A relationship was developed and it is now over. So RIP all swimming things that died today.

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Bimyou said...

I shouldn't laugh. And yet, the whole 'Artist Formerly Known as Colin' (now Colette) saga makes me want to giggle like a schoolgirl.