Friday, May 8, 2009


I know it's been terribly remiss of me not to share the fantastical adventures of Monday night, but what with Algae Rhythm 0.02: PSYCHOCHEMICAL absorbing every fibre of my creative and financial being, it's taken until this week to set up the internet at my new place.

I think considering that April's itinerary read thusly:

Moving my personal effects from one side of King Street to the other with my Dad
Twenty-something birthday
Byron Blay Bluesfest roadie
Defragging after Byron
Bondi art exhibitions
90's timewarp Big Heavy Stuff gig
Co-organisation of an art jam wondercluster involving two mind-blowingly elusive overhead projectors
Helping move The Warehouse to The Corner Shop
An intrepid inner-western suburban basketball WAGS adventure
A few shifts at the Gaelic, including a hellish three hours of old skool happy hardcore that made me want to kill anyone with a munter grin
That media consulting thing I do to pay my rent

... that it's okay to still feel like I've only been in my new house for about three days, despite having moved in on April 5th.

It's been a dead set heartache trying to get the internet hooked up at the new house- the little flashy lights on my very flashily priced modem are still not working. As soon as it is it'll be Operation Blogsposion, I imagine. In the meantime, check out Vic's pictorial recollections of Monday night for a taste of what you missed, or a double dip into where you were.


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