Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i pack in a rush

It's always been my way. I think this habit is connected to some need to feel like the decision to run was spontaneous and the thought of forgetting something essential gives me delicious thrills.

My girl whisked me away on a tour of her favourite places in Melbourne over the past four days. The essential item that I forgot this time was my camera. This was actually quite okay because it meant I was soaking things in to record them instead of outsourcing that function.

I'd never been to the southern city before, which amazed me more and more as I wandered around town. All my friend's exclamations over the years rang true in living colour- I am more suited to living there than in Sydney. The art on the walls, the stories in the laneways, the complexity of the cocktail mixes and the sound of the music escaping from makeshift stages all resonated and it felt good to be home. Still, when she asked me would I live there, I said not yet.

I'd prefer to argue with Sydney about her short comings and try to change her than live where the fight's already been won. For a little while longer.

new favourite doorways:

bimbo- for the chocolate infused vodka, the retro indian collages on the bathroom walls, and the darkness
fad gallery - for bar staff who look boyishly excited when you order by taste instead of off a menu, the laid back patronage, and the stencily rotoscope looking works.
prudence - for the vintage scrabble board, the resfreshingly closed-plan room layout that made you feel like you had snuck into some fabulous nanna's house, and the cosy leather couches.


Dan Ox said...

I know exactly what you mean. I have a deep love for Melbourne, but thinking of actually living there over Sydney makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't fully understand why just yet. I put it down to Melbourne just not being Sydney.

ms_monk said...

i feel the same way. let's do new york, paris & tokyo first. :)

Kate said...

I think it might be the place to be when i want to furnish a funky industrial retro cottage. And it would have been an excellent place to go to uni. Or raise your teenagers.