Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Is when you bug people to come along to something that is usually really cool, and then on the night that they come, there's some lame shit ugly stuff that makes everyone uncomfortable, and they leave at intermission and miss your stuff.


Dave The Happy Singer said...

Yes, this has happened to me many a time at gigs.

Mind you, even more often it's me who utterly fails when the buggee eventually turns up.

The solution?

Everyone in the world should come to lots and lots of Dave The Happy Singer shows!

Matt Riviera said...

Now imagine if you're the organizer and you bug 150 people to come along and then that happens. Lame-o!

Dermot McGuire said...

Now imagine if you're the goon who ends up coming across as a complete try-hard to said 150+ people,

and you end up spending your entire night not with your friends but instead standing by the bathroom talking to some ranga with odd facial hair.

(not a universal experience, granted; but, hey, that was my night).

danox said...

A friend of mine finally came and ended up leaving before intermission :(

but what are you referring to, exactly? cause I thought most of the films were pretty good.

katiedid said...

latest reply ever... sorry, been unjacked for the summer.

i was referring to the ills and boon epic. Somehow it made me physically itchy.

katiedid said...

mills and boon. total typo. swear.

Dan Ox said...

yeah, yeah, with the rose and leather pants and "poetry"? that shit was bananas!