Monday, December 8, 2008

messy christmas

My flatmate shot down my brilliant idea to have a kiddy pool full of red and green jelly for festive wrestling purposes at our inaugral Christmas party. So now I need help in coming up with a new party activity, or maybe even several. Over the day the suggestions have evolved into a mass naked honey nut scrabble activity. I'm still taking suggestions.

I saw Baseball and the Mountain Goats over the weekend. Baseball seriously put shovel to dirt. The MG were pretty tired and their music isn't as energetic either, so it was kind of this warm up, cool down kinda gig. I had a good time. It wasn't too weird being there with the ex lover and i really like my new mountain goats shirt. It's long in the body the way that doesn't make me look like I want to show my belly button off to the streets and it looks like a white shirt that's gone through the wash with some bright red socks.

Also, I got namechecked on I need some kind of interpretive dance move that is half thankful-blush-for-reading-my-crap and half strut.

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